by Jess Simpson & Chris Perez / / February 24, 2014

Daniel tries to keep the ingredients as authentic as possible: “we bring in the best olive oil, cheeses, white anchovies, and pastas from Spain.” And it shows in the flavor and execution of their paella dishes – a beautiful meld of flavors of which you must order at least one.

As Austinites, we’re very proud of our local food culture – and the farm-sourced, sustainable, ‘real food’ roots that continue to cultivate it. One could even argue that the food movement our city has enjoyed over the past few years has been the primary stimulus to Austin’s burgeoning growth and national interest. But with all the accolades and excitement surrounding one of the city’s cultural cornerstones, there are still areas where we have room to mature. “Austin is good restaurant city, but it’s not a great restaurant city yet – ethnically, it’s still lacking,” says Daniel Olivella, executive chef of the now seven-month old Barlata tapas restaurant on South Lamar. FULL STORY »