Small Plates, Big Flavors / Barlata brings the tastes of Barcelona to Austin

by Lynne Margolis / photo by Jenn Hair / Austin Monthly / October 2013

Follow it with mel i mato, goat cheese mousse atop a walnut torte with oloroso ice cream and sherry gastrique, and you might find yourself checking airfares to Barcelona. Or becoming a Barlata regular.

The Spanish word for can is “lata.” And in Spain, tapas bars commonly use canned ingredients, including top-shelf sardines, mussels, clams, octopus and other brine-preserved delicacies. So when Barcelona native Daniel Olivella and his wife, Vanessa Jerez, opened their new South Lamar Boulevard tapas bar, they named it Barlata as a jokey reference to the Spanish custom.

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